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25 Feb The Missing Piece


One of the cultural events that bind almost all Americans together is watching the Super Bowl every February. While many people just like to sit back and enjoy a game of football, one thing that interests almost everyone are the commercials. Silly ones, serious ones, we all watch. But some are just confusing. For example, for the last ten years I definitely noticed the GoDaddy commercials, but before I started building websites I couldn’t have told you what the company did you if you paid me.

See what I mean? Baffling.

What do they want you to do?

Well, sometimes one could be forgiven for asking that question after viewing local Baha’i websites. Hopefully the site itself is beautiful and informative, but what do you want seekers to do after viewing it? In marketing, this is called a “call to action” problem. A call to action is what action you want viewers to undertake. For a local Baha’i website, it could be signing up for a community newsletter, coming to a Baha’i event, following a specific path on the site to learn about the principles, submitting a prayer request, or to request to meet with someone in the community. I want to show you some good examples of what some local Baha’i communities and sister faith organizations have done to solve this problem.

1. Greater Little Rock Baha’i Community, Little Rock Arkansas


First of all, the Little Rock website is probably the best in the United States right now. But past that, you see that there is a “Request Information” box front and center.

2. Hillsong Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Hillsong’s pretty clear: they want you to come to a service. Even if you can’t make it this Sunday, you can click the “Stay Informed” button to have them keep you updated into the future so you can find a time to make it. First class.

3. Mars Hill Church, Seattle, Washington


Similar to Hillsong Melbourne, they want you to show up in person. The three buttons here help a seeker to do just that. The time and place is clear and they even have a specific button to give you more detailed directions via Google Maps.

4. Terra Nova Church, Troy, NY


Now, Terra Nova’s doing something different, and I for one am intrigued. The call to action that they want you to click is a button that says: “The Gospel”. When you click it they take you through a brief story of what they believe and give you a chance to respond to it. Perhaps this approach might be a bit fast for someone who just found the Baha’i Faith, but it is fascinating nonetheless.


Now you’re armed with some great examples to upgrade your local Baha’i website. What will your Call to Action be?

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