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Why ninebranches

If you’re here, you probably fit into one of two boxes:

  • Your Baha’i Community has a fair number of people, but your website is a little dated
  • Your Baha’i Community doesn’t really have a website

Here’s what makes us tick.

We should be ready to step “outside [our] immediate circle of family members and friends, ready to be led by the guiding Hand of the All-Merciful to receptive souls in whatever quarter they may reside”. — House of Justice, Ridvan Letter 2010

Let them strain every nerve to ensure that the system which they have so laboriously created does not close in on itself but progressively expands to embraace more and more people. — House of Justice, 28 December 2010 Letter

But why use ninebranches?


  • We are the only marketing agency that really “gets” the challenges of the Baha’i community because we live it every day in our lives as individual believers.
  • We are laser-focused on the needs of local Baha’i communities… and no one else.
  • You feel like you’ve invited absolutely everyone you know to Core Activities, but there are no new faces.
  • Because your website should reflect you, not the stock photos of Baha’i temples (unless you live in Wilmette or New Delhi). We’ll make sure the people who see your site know you’re a vital part of their community.
  • We can help equip volunteers in your community with the tools and knowledge to share the vision of Baha’u’llah in your community
  • You worry that your website isn’t what the public expects of a religious group
  • 80% of people look at a church’s website before they visit, and let’s face it: We seem much more unusual at first glance, so the figure for us is probably much higher.

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