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With every package we offer, we ask that we have a strategy consultation with you either in person or via Skype.

Why? Because we can’t create a website or anything else that’s going to help you achieve your community’s goals in the 5 Year plan if we don’t drill down to the essence of who you really are.


Strategy is how you view the big picture of the development of your community. Obviously, the BIG picture are the 5-year plans from the House of Justice, but the strategy we’re talking about here is a piece in that much bigger puzzle. So when we have our first consultation with you, we’re going to have some questions about your community.

Impressions are important. What do people see when they find your community, either online or in person? What would you want them to see? How do you communicate with those outside of the circle of the Faith? Is it effective? Is your community growing? Why or why not?

After all, our tools are important, but they’re just pieces in a bigger picture. If you don’t have a strategic mindset, the tools sure won’t hurt, but they won’t help you as much as they otherwise could. You won’t really tap into your full potential for being a spiritual magnet for your wider community.


  • What are your members like?
  • What kind of personal hobbies/interests are they into?
  • How are you involved in your wider community?
  • What’s the wider community like? What are their goals?
  • You can’t tell your story authentically unless you know who you are.


  • Your community
  • Your goals
  • Design custom plan using Web Design, Social Media, Email Marketing and other methods as needed
  • Brand Strategy

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